Great In Great Out

True wellness is a basic human right.

Empower yourself with health coaching and reclaim your right through nutrition and self-care

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Great In Great Out

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  • Do you feel exhausted ALL THE TIME? Even when you managed to squeeze in 8-10 hours of sleep?  
  • Do you struggle to find the energy to do the things you want to do in life? Every. Single. Day?
  • Have you tried to lose weight or eating more healthily or even exercise more but feel that nothing has really worked for you? Or maybe you don’t even know how to get started?
If this is you, let me help.

I’m Caroline, and I’m an Autoimmune Paleo (AIP) certified Health Coach, a functional medicine student coach, and a dōTERRA wellness advocate. I specialise in autoimmune disease and chronic conditions.

I won’t lie. I passionately believe in the profound and dramatic impact that eating the right food can have on your body. But I also understand that long-lasting changes can only be achieved when we look at your lifestyle as a whole.

This is how I know I can help you achieve results you didn’t even believe were possible (and I promise you will have fun along the way!).

Wouldn’t you love to learn about natural solutions to manage your condition and improve your quality of life?

What would it mean to you to have your energy back to do the things you love and being with the people that matter in your life? To know what food and lifestyle choices make you feel good (and which ones don’t), so that you could get your body back to working the way it’s designed to?

How would it feel to have someone by your side who truly listens to you and can give you all the tools and accountability you need to achieve the results YOU want? Even when life takes over, and you need a little support to get back on track?

And I know how all this feels because in 2012 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and spent 6 weeks in the hospital paralysed with Guillain Barré Syndrome.

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Work with Me

Private health coaching

I work with individuals who either suffer from chronic conditions and want to learn how nutrition and self-care can improve their wellbeing.  Or simply, people who feel they are not feeling their best and want to make changes to thrive physically and mentally.

Workshops and talks

I regularly run workshops or give talks to raise awareness of wellbeing techniques and how life changing these techniques can be.   The main subjects I cover are nutrition, self-care techniques and essential oils.  I also run cooking classes and supper clubs.

Corporate services

I provide services to corporations who want to actively support their employees wellbeing.  From keynote talks to longer workshops, the formats are focussed on driving change and action from participating staff.

What People Are Saying

“With her constant support, help and advice I started this diet a few weeks ago. And it’s actually been much easier than I had imagined.!”


Health coaching client

“Caroline was always there with great advice. I highly recommend to make Caroline part of your health journey! “


Health coaching client

“Her recommended way of eating is a joy in a world of deprivation diets and she will take you by the hand to achieve better health and a more harmonious relationship with food”


Health coaching client


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