What I Do

I help people with chronic conditions or unexplained symptoms, who struggle with fatigue, pain, resistant excess weight, brain fog, mood swings, to achieve true wellbeing, with energy and vitality by making nutrition and lifestyle changes.

My Philosophy

I believe true wellness is a basic human right.  Current practices in public sectors and a wide range of industries mean that today this right is compromised.  Whilst large scale changes are needed, individuals should empower themselves with informed nutrition and lifestyle changes to reclaim their birth right.

My Methods

As a health coach, I support my clients in making major lifestyle changes.  There are not short-term changes for short-term results.  My clients create new habits, that will serve them for life.  

I use classic and proven coaching techniques.  Coaching focuses on empowering clients to take responsibility for their own health.  My clients work with me to establish achievable goals, adapted to the their life circumstances.  As the coaching programme progresses, this usually amounts to a complete overhaul, which is only successful as it is is implemented step by step.  As a health coach, I have a distinct role in that I focus on behavioural changes, to achieve profound and long-lasting well-being.

My Goals

There is nothing more satisfying to see a client go from sick and tired to thriving and energised.  My clients are literally changing their lives.  Turning your life and health around is empowering and thrilling.  I love to see how surprised my clients are when successful.  And surprised that they actually enjoyed the process.

Private health coaching

I work with individuals who either suffer from chronic conditions and want to learn how nutrition and self-care can improve their wellbeing.  Or simply, people who feel they are not feeling their best and want to make changes to thrive physically and mentally.

Workshops and talks

I regularly run workshops or give talks to raise awareness of wellbeing techniques and how life changing these techniques can be.   The main subjects I cover are nutrition, self-care techniques and essential oils.  I also run cooking classes and supper clubs.

Corporate services

I provide services to corporations who want to actively support their employees wellbeing.  From keynote talks to longer workshops, the formats are focussed on driving change and action from participating staff.

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